Legal Supplements to Boost Sports Performance


Steroids are discouraged as a supplement to boost sports performance. That doesn’t mean that ALL supplements are banned from athletes. There are numerous legal supplements to boost sports performance today; each one helps promote strength and endurance often without the nasty side effects.



cup of coffee

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It’s fairly obvious that caffeine is one of the best morning-alertness boosters used worldwide – but did you know that they can do more than just help you face the morning? Caffeine has been known to increase alertness, attention levels, energy levels, and increase the oxidation of fat. This means that the body finds it easier to convert fat into energy – allowing you to make the best out of every workout. There’s also the added advantage of increased endorphin release during workouts – giving you that edge of pain and pleasure. Today, many sports supplements contain caffeine while others are manufactured using caffeine as the major ingredient.


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The ability of protein to help enhance muscle development is a fairly well-known concept. When used primarily for sporting, protein manages to help extend the endurance of its users, allowing athletes to do more with less. Perfect for marathon runners, mountain climbers, or any athlete participating in endurance games – protein manages to also speed up the repair process of the muscles. Those who already have low fat contents need protein for energy; otherwise their body will utilize their muscles, resulting to lower muscle mass! Protein supplements are highly popular among bodybuilders. They are fairly easy to get and packaged for quick consumption. Ideally, you only need about .5 to .7 grams worth of protein per pound.

Fish Oil


Fish oil is a favorite supplement nowadays, mainly due to the fact that it helps maintain weight, lowers the risk of certain cancer, and overall helps improve the immune system. When it comes to sports, fish oil improves the recovery period of the body so that you can quickly get back to training or your optimal performance. Perfect for long distance athletes, fish oil also helps manage inflammation, which is fairly common among sports enthusiasts. After a heavy workout, fish oil manages to decrease the intensity of muscle soreness.


Glutamine is naturally produced in the body – but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t supplement it. Athletes or sports enthusiasts often push their bodies to the limit so that there’s never enough glutamine produced, hence the need to supplement it. The main function of glutamine relates to the immune system, managing to speed up the recovery process and prevent you from getting exhausted too soon. According to studies, athletes using glutamine have lower instances of infection when training.


You’ve probably seen or heard about creatine as a performance booster among athletes and bodybuilders. The main function of this product is to quickly generate ATP which is the body’s energy source. Essentially, this means that the process of turning sugar into usable energy becomes quicker, giving you that much needed boost during performance with very little tiredness in between.


There are many supplements that are useful for specific sports. For example, Leptin for bodybuilding, although leptin pills may not be the best way to achieve results. Leptin injections were approved by the FDA to treat specific conditions.

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There’s no harm in seeking additional help in boosting your sports performance! What’s important is that you get help from supplements proven safe, effective and legal for your sport. This way, you can be sure of the best chance of excellent performance each and every time.