The Kino Sports Complex for Major League Events and Community Activities

The Kino Sports Complex is an expansive professional sports and entertainment center in Pima County, Arizona.

It is not far from Tucson and is the home to soccer matches, baseball games and much more.

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About the Facility

The entire facility covers over 100 acres. It includes a 8000 seat stadium, four soccer fields, a grandstand field and outdoor armadas.

The Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium is among the facilities.

The Arizona Diamondbacks and other major league teams once utilized this stadium for Arizona’s Cactus League Games.

Minor leagues also use this stadium.

Both professional teams and high-school and college teams play at the various facilities. It is also an ideal setting for community events, concerts, and other social activities.


The entire complex is also home to the Kino Environmental Restoration Project. This project is a wildlife habitat. It also includes a pedestrian and bicycle path called the Loop.

If you are a team or organization that would like to use one of the facilities for a big event or sports match you are more than welcome to submit a form to the Complex.

The Pima County Stadium District manages the complex.

What Others say

Visitors say that the entire complex is one of the most attractive for attending events. The beautiful vista of the Santa Catalina Mountains surrounds the facility.

People enjoy coming to the venue to see the FC Tucson soccer team play. Some claim that it is among the nicer of the places the league plays.

Baseball home base

The fields are pleasant, and the stands are accommodating.

Sometimes, as with any sports complex, the concession lines at various events are long, but the bathrooms are clean and well-maintained. Bathrooms are not air-conditioned – even in the Tucson heat.

The concessions at major sporting events offer many choices from hot dogs to cold drinks, and plenty of cold water is always available.

Fans who attend events here appreciate the secure parking. There are plenty of spots that are near each venue in the complex, and good satellite parking options are also available.

The sight lines at all events are terrific so there are views for anyone seated in the complex to enjoy. Seats at the stadium are very


Feel free to contact the complex online to get more information about upcoming events, to purchase tickets or to get started on filling out a customer registration form to host an event.

Guidelines are available for event rentals including the batting cages and fields at the Kino Sports Complex official website.

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